The Latest & Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Magelang for Holidays

Magelang, located in Central Java, Indonesia, is a region steeped in history and natural beauty. In recent years, it has seen the development of a variety of new and popular tourist attractions, catering to a wide range of interests from historical and cultural exploration to nature and adventure activities. This comprehensive article aims to highlight some of the latest and most popular tourist attractions in Magelang, perfect for holidaymakers.

Borobudur Temple: An Enduring Attraction

While not a new addition, Borobudur Temple remains the most iconic and visited attraction in Magelang. This 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist temple is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is considered one of the greatest Buddhist monuments in the world. Its intricate carvings, stupas, and panoramic views continue to draw thousands of visitors each year.

Punthuk Setumbu: A New Dawn

Punthuk Setumbu has gained popularity as a spot for witnessing breathtaking sunrises. Located near Borobudur, this hill offers a spectacular view of the temple against the backdrop of the rising sun. The mystical ambiance created by the morning fog and the silhouette of Mount Merapi in the distance makes it a must-visit location for photographers and nature enthusiasts.

Rafting on Elo River: A Thrilling Adventure

For adventure seekers, the Elo River has emerged as a popular destination for rafting. The river’s varying rapids are suitable for both beginners and experienced rafters, offering an exhilarating experience amidst the scenic beauty of Magelang’s landscape.

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Kyai Langgeng Park: A Family Haven

Kyai Langgeng Park is a relatively new attraction in Magelang, perfect for families. It features a botanical garden, several playgrounds, and a variety of rides and attractions for children. The park also houses a collection of traditional Javanese plants and a mini zoo, making it an educational as well as a recreational spot.

Chicken Church: A Unique Architectural Marvel

The so-called Chicken Church, officially named Gereja Ayam, is a unique structure that has gained attention for its unconventional design. Originally intended as a prayer house, its chicken-like appearance has made it a quirky and popular spot for tourists. Located on a hilltop, it offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Silancur Highland: A New Perspective

The Silancur Highland is a recent addition to Magelang’s attractions, offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. It’s an ideal spot for camping, hiking, and enjoying the natural beauty of Central Java. The highland also provides a perfect vantage point for viewing both sunrise and sunset.

Taman Kyai Langgeng: Cultural and Educational Experience

Taman Kyai Langgeng is not just a park but a cultural center. It hosts various traditional Javanese performances and workshops, providing visitors with a deeper understanding of the local culture. The park also includes educational exhibits on Javanese history and ecology.

Mount Sumbing and Mount Sindoro: Trekker’s Paradise

For trekkers and mountaineers, Mount Sumbing and Mount Sindoro offer challenging trails and breathtaking natural scenery. These volcanoes are popular for both their summit treks and the scenic routes leading up to them, providing an adventurous escape into nature.

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Future Developments

Magelang continues to develop its tourism sector, with plans for more attractions and facilities to enhance the visitor experience. The focus is on sustainable tourism that preserves the region’s natural beauty and cultural heritage while boosting local economies.


Magelang’s blend of historical, cultural, natural, and adventurous attractions makes it a versatile holiday destination. From the awe-inspiring Borobudur Temple to the adrenaline-pumping Elo River rafting, there is something for every type of traveler in this beautiful part of Central Java. As Magelang continues to evolve and add new attractions, it retains its charm and appeal, making it an enduring and ever-refreshing destination for holidaymakers.



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